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Haematology Protocol Summit
This Haematology Protocol application which includes all treatment protocols of haematological diseases that currently adopted at Queen Mary Hospital was published, with the objective of sharing experiences on haematological disease management. Most of these protocols had been discussed at a summit meeting involving haematologists from Pamela Youde Eastern Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital, Tuen Mun Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital. This application is meant to be a guide for haematology trainees, as well as a quick reference for haematologists and other medical and nursing staff interested in haematological diseases. The practice does not necessarily parallel other international guidelines, because of resource implications, availability of medications, prescription practice, disease behaviour and other local factors. 

Members of the Haematology Team have worked together to compile this Protocol application. Although every effort has been made in ensuring that the information is accurate, it is inevitable that mistakes will have existed. Comments and criticisms are much welcome, which will lead to a better edition in the future.